I’m trying to find a story again :/

I hope someone knows this story, I believe it was called seduction or something like that, but I can’t find it.

There was one character named Izzy/Isabelle or something like that. I think she had black diva curls, maybe tan or honey skin? Toffee or Taupe eyes, soft heart face shape.

Then there was Sawyer, he has platinum blond hair, I don’t remember the eye colour, perhaps green, but his eye shape was sarcastic/Stoic Almond. His face shape is defined triangle, his skin colour was light or olive I think, and lips were uneven terracotta.

Those are the only two characters I can remember, hope someone knows this story cause I really wanna find it.

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Im also looking for a story where there’s a girl and her mom dies and they’re in a gang and she falls in love with an older rival gang member. Help please!?

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Pure Seduction or Pure Attraction? (One’s the sequel to the other. Can’t remember which came first lol.)

Pure Attraction! That’s it! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I will forever be grateful to you :revolving_hearts::weary:

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Chain reaction? Idk, I haven’t read that story in ages, so probably not.

Or maybe Sudden Desire?

omg i miss pure attraction

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I’m also trying to find a story-
I only remember it faintly though.

I think the mc is a mother, (brown, straight hair)-and the love interest is a male named Ian, (black hair, cropped).
I also remember the mc working somewhere in a shrimp costume, lmao.