I’m willing to give help with story plots

Hey! I’m here to help!

A bit about me…
First of all I LOVE Billie Eilish and BLACKPINK!
I’m also a writer, and I LOVE helping people with their stories (Just to clarify, I’m NOT a coding helper!)

I’ll help anyone! But, I have some rules:

  • Constructive criticism only! Here anyone is welcome to share opinions, but DON’T make people feel bad about their stories and ideas, you may not love it, but somebody out there will!

  • Do NOT steal ideas! We are here to HELP people with their stories and SHARE ideas. Ask if you want to use an idea!

We are all friends here! Treat everyone like they’re your bestie!


i don’t need help right now but it’s very nice of you to do this! :heart:

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Thanks. I just feel like after all the help I’ve gotten, I need to give some.

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Hi there! Thanks for doing this! So, I would like a review on my plot but I was wondering how do you review it? Do you read our stories or do you just read the summary and give feedback based on that? :grin:

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Well, I review them and try to give feedback and fix errors.

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Oh okay cool! I’d love feedback on mine if you don’t mind! Thank you so much! :sparkling_heart::grin:

I didn’t finish it, but I love it!

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Oh you’ve read it already?:joy: Well one, thanks for reading, I really appreciate it! Secondly, is there anything you would have me change or add to me the plot more interesting?


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I could use some help with a plot…

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