I’m writing a new story and I NEED ART!


Hi guys, So I’m in a situation, I’m currently writing a new story and I need art work. Anything really that YOU will allow me to feature in my story. I also need a cover photo for my story :sob: so if anybody has the time and is willing to help me with there artistic skills please email me @irenereid00@gmail.com
THANK YOU :heart:


i can do it!


Hi my group the Greek gods would love to help you!


Oh sorry Roxy.


Episode harmony can

Examples here


its ok


Honestly I’ll take anything! Please feel free to email thank you so much!


Email me if you can! Thanks love!


Thank you! Please email me if you can! :heart:️:heart:️


Yes my group would love to hepl you if you need it!


If you would like email me,


I wouldn’t mind doing it for you. especially splashes there my favorites