I’m writing my first story, and i need help with this please

so on the first chapter i have a character customization templet so the reader can customize the main character, later in the script i have the main character changes her hair color in a scene, my problem is that idk how to make her change back to the color that the reader choose in the beginning

You can create a duplicate version of that character, which I think would be the easiest way to do this.

@DUPE becomes MC
@DUPE changes hairColor into New Hair Color

And then make sure that the display names of the main character and the duplicate are identical. Whenever you want to use the main character with the different hair, use the duplicate character instead.

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But if i duplicated the main character would it be identical to the choices that the reader choose?

In terms of the customization features, the becomes command should exactly copy the status of that character, including all of the changes that the reader has done.

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Alright then. i will do that
Thank you so much for your help! i really needed it

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