I madde some overlays


I have made some overlays yesterday because it was difficult to work with multiple overlays.
I have an Instagram account and they all have an linktree or something to share, i don’t have that.
Where can I get it becouseI want to share my overlays.



i don’t see were that is on instagram.


that’s not the Instagram, that’s a different platform and you have to sign up


And were can i find that, so iff i understand you, you sign in there and use it as a link in you instagram and then you link it to your strories or your google drive.


It’a a big sign to up sign on the main page, and yes you’re creating your profile then sharing link to your account on Instagram


But were is that site were do i have to sign up.


It’s on the top. I send you a link to the site in the first comment


I have it done…


yes yes


ho does google drive works because i don’t see in mine not only my maps but also maps from other people that i have opend. Will everyone see them, i don’t think that is really good.

I want them to have acces with my drive not with the rest that is shared with me ore that i have used.