I made a mistake

Hello a few years ago when I made my episode account I think I put in a random birth year (I think I put 2005 and I was born in 2001). I’m making a story and I’m over 18 but I don’t know if I can change it to my actual birth year. Is there any way I can change the birthdate I put on my episode account or contact episode to let them know.

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I think you might need to submit a support ticket with your birth certificate asking for a change of birth date? I’m not sure but its how twitter works

Why are you trying to change birthdate anyways I thought you only need to be 12+ to use the app and make stories

I think it’s because writers payment is 18+, but I can’t speak for the person.

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Yes that’s exactly what I mean do you know how I can change it?

I always thought the episode account was dependent on whatever method you used to log in (Google, Facebook, Apple etc), so I’m assuming you could just change your birthdate in whichever one you used? I’m not 100% sure though, so I’d still go with sending a ticket just incase.

Link: Support ticket.

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Thank you so much

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Thank you

I pretty sure a support ticket would work, I had this issue on another app and the support team was able to put my correct birthday, however I don’t know if episode support team has the same access though they most likely do.

Omg thank you smm I was stressing out and thinking that I would never be able to change it thank youu

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