I made an episode but now i have an better idea should i change it?

heyyy soo i made an episode, spend a lot of time on it, but now i have an much better idea
should i go for that idea or finish my first episode first?

love to hear what you think!


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work on both. i have multiple stories in the work. but only published one at a time. cause els people will get anyed when you work at one but not the other

thank you :slight_smile:

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i didn’t post the episode i’m working on yet so i’m still a little

I have a few in the works myself and 1 published, I have a second 1 I’m looking at publishing soon while I’m still writing the current 1, people can be annoyed when you work on 1 and not the other but if you work on 1 per fortnight can work.

thank you :slight_smile: :heart::heart::heart:

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