I made some characters, judge em

The following images are the MC’s 3 main friends from my upcoming story. (The MC is customizable so I’m not gonna show her, cause it doesn’t matter lol) How do they look? Should I make any changes? (Also, if you got suggestions for their alternate outfits, I appreciate it.) Thanks!

Edit: their names are, in order of how they appear in this post, Noah, Mabel, and Charlie


I think they look good but in my opinion the shoes don’t go with the red heads look.

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I like the red head (no offence intended) it’s awesome :slightly_smiling_face::grinning:

What shoes should she have instead?

Maybe light brown shoes but the type she has?

I couldn’t find any but I’ll be sure to look again.

I really like the last one’s look, overall i think they look fine as is

Found some!

Yeah I probably put the most time into that one, lol

Thanks, I just redid the outfit for her, it was a hoodie before

I think that looks better but it’s up to you!

I don’t really have a preference, so thanks for the input

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You’re welcome

I can give you outfits suggestions if you want! Are they in a school or in a particular location?

Uh, when the story starts they’re all in college, for whatever that’s worth. I’d love some suggestions though.

To be honest, rather than the colour, I think the shoes don’t go with the outfit.

This is because, the jeans ruffle/wrinkle at the ankle and the boot is so wide.

But, that could just be me being picky.

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I agree. It’s the shoes.

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They’re leggings, but yeah. It’s the best option I could find, but I’m open to more suggestions.

I like how they look. But if we could know more about them it’ll easier to have an idea of what they should look like.
What’s their names? What do they like. Are they in high school? Workers? Add detail about their personality. :hugs::thinking:

There’s nothing wrong with it, but if I were to critique something, it would be that. I guess it depends on the personality as well.