I Make Cover Art and Splashes

Hi, I am doing cover art and splashes requests. If you would like any art, private message me. I’m only doing the first few requests so It won’t take me to long to get back to you with the cover or splash. The longest it will take me to do a cover/ splash is a week.

Art Examples


If the form does not provide enough detail, I won’t be able to make the cover.
If you would like to request some art, please answer these questions below :point_down:

Splash or Cover:
Story Title: (Title will appear on the cover if requested)

Do you want a character in the cover/splash?

If yes, please give a screenshot of the character(s)
What animation for the character(s):
If not, please provide some information of a background image or sticker that you would like instead.

Detailed information about your story and how you want to image to appear:
Anything else?


Hiya Hun, I’m not requesting anything, just wanted to say that your cover is great :two_hearts:


Can you make a cover please? Also, it would be nice if you can
edit this so that it looks like Thomas is holding Violet
from the back and looking down on her while Violet is idle_awkward

Name of story:
-Wonderful World

-Written by, Calie

Skin - Carmel
Brows - seductive round
Hair - Rebel half shaved (black)
Eyes - Upturned Bold (brown)
Face - oval
Nose - Soft Natural
Lips - Classic (rose)

Outfit Details:

  • Denim Jacket
  • Studded shoes
  • Black Boho Feather Earrings
  • Black Suspender Pants
  • Lavender Suspender Top

Skin - tan
Brows - thin arch
Hair - Spiked up hair (black)
Eyes - classic round (green)
Face - defined triangle
Nose - Button
Lips - small round (terracotta)

Outfit Details:

  • Basic Sneakers (Cabernet)
  • Swoopneck Sleeveless Stripe Grey White
  • Open Simple Hoodie (Black)
  • Black tight pants

Story Description:
Violet has moved into a new neigborhood and a new school with
her mom. She eventually befriends Thomas who is the son
of an extremely rich engineer. However, both Thomas and Violet
have very colorful pasts.


Reference image:

Yeah sure, I’ll have it as soon as I can! Thanks

Yeah sure! im curious :joy::joy:

I use ibis paint, pics art and sometimes autodesk sketchbook for more advanced stuff. I’ve made a lot more stuff so I should probably update this thread but :woman_shrugging:. If I were a beginner though I would use pics art.

oh I also use superimpose to delete the backgrounds of the characters

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oh okay! What do you usually use?

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Wow that looks great! I’ve never heard of PicMonkey

I’m gonna try it out! Thanks

aww thats really sweet but you don’t have to!

How much is it? I’m trying to find it on the site

wow yeah thats kinda a lot. Do you give other people your account?

I would but I feel like I wouldn’t use it too often because I just use the apps I have

thank you for offering it but if I change my mind I def ask you!