I Make Cover Art and Splashes


Hi, I am doing cover art and splashes requests. If you would like any art, private message me. I’m only doing the first few requests so It won’t take me to long to get back to you with the cover or splash. The longest it will take me to do a cover/ splash is a week.

Art Examples


If the form does not provide enough detail, I won’t be able to make the cover.
If you would like to request some art, please answer these questions below :point_down:

Splash or Cover:
Story Title: (Title will appear on the cover if requested)

Do you want a character in the cover/splash?

If yes, please give a screenshot of the character(s)
What animation for the character(s):
If not, please provide some information of a background image or sticker that you would like instead.

Detailed information about your story and how you want to image to appear:
Anything else?


Hiya Hun, I’m not requesting anything, just wanted to say that your cover is great :two_hearts: