I Make Cover Art!


Hey guys! I am NOT Monet or Van Gogh but i’ll help you with your cover art and backgrounds! My rules are:

  1. I only make digital art! One of my examples is my Profile picture (I didn’t work that hard on it) but I can make episode characters bla bla bla.
    2.If you want MY art, then why ask other people? Please don’t ask on other forums ;(.
  2. Don’t waste my time! IF you’re NOT gonna use it, why ask?

Thanks! It’s free <3


Can you show any examples?


Yeah, but if you don’t like my art, wee let make it on so e photoshoo app and art apps like I do.


Aw jeez so many spelling error sorry


Ok, cool! Can I see them


Yup here:

Why isn’t it not showing the picture??


want me to email it to you or?..


Hummm. Instagram?


I have a bug I can’t download insta. But if you think I’m a a weird stalker it’s ok i know I’ll try again :slight_smile:



My little sister oops wrong pic :confused:


XD its fine! Maybe we can email.


Aww, she’s cute.


THanks! I’m sorta having a problem with some howling examples for now, so you can tell me the description and I will start working


Yo Claire! You never told me you make edits!


HEY Afra! Yeah, I got photoshop apps and i cover art.


Cool! Do you have any examples?


I make covers too! I literally just made one for this girl this morning. I


The male character in the screenshots is the mc, and the type of vibe I want you to give off is romantic and sad. (now a brief rundown of my story nobody asked for) Kai is a freshman in college, and within a few months he meets the girl of his dreams, he likes her, but she toys with him to make it seem like she likes him, and when he confesses she tells him it was all just a joke and shatters his heart. I would like a large cover only though, and the story is not yet published.


You can reply to me on here or dm me on instagram at epy_laura