I make covers and overlays (OPEN)

Time when I can make the backgrounds/overlays: 1-6 days


  1. 1 background-3 backgrounds (2-3 days)
  2. 3 backgrounds-5 backgrounds (4-6 days)
  3. 1 overlay-4 overlays (1-4 days)
  4. 5 overlays-6 overlays (4-6 days)
  5. 1 background + 1 overlay (2-4 days)
  6. 1 background + 2 overlays (2-5 days)
  7. 2 backgrounds + 1 overlay (4-5 days)
  8. 2 backgrounds + 2 overlays (4-6 days)

Orders will be sent one at a time. After you’ve got it you can order something else!!:wink::wink:
I will send you them on a private message/the forum so please be clear with what you want.


  1. Information about how you want your background/overlay look like or an image and tell me what to do with it.

  2. You must send me how many backgrounds/overlays you want.

I will response you with the number of the days I need to create it.

If is something unclear please ask!:star_struck::star_struck:

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Have you got any examples?

No, srry BUT I promise it will look amazing :star_struck:

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I mean I made some but I don’t have them on the computer…:roll_eyes:



Can you turn the first picture so it is all light and on the second make it night

Thank you and take your time :two_hearts::two_hearts:

Sure, it will take me few hours…

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It’s fine it’ll turn out amazing like you :joy::joy::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:



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Omg thank you so much

Is okay??

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I love it saying it took like 15 minutes

Hey! :smiley:

I was wondering if you can do a cover with these two characters? They bump into each other at a rock concert, and I want them to look like they just have this amazing chemistry between them. :smile:


Do you want a special background? Do you want me to add a title? @RougePrincess21

Just a rock concert feel background, and no tittle. :slight_smile:

Ok it will take me 1 day. It’s okay

Thank you so much.

Do you like it?!?! @RougePrincess21

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If you want I can edit :smiley:

Hi, I need 3 background for my new story.
The first one for the front page
The second one for the little summary
And the thirs one for the mature language.

If you are able to do that for me, please contact my email: misst.episode@gmail.com


Hi @misst.episode10! Can you give me more information about how they would you like to look?