I make covers and overlays (OPEN)


can you email me?


I can send you a private message…


ok thx


I LOVE it! I was thinking more on the lines of in each others arms though, but this will work! :smiley:


Hey hey!! Can you make a blood overlay for me pls? Ok, this sounds creepy but yeah…


Please can you make a cover a cover for me?


hey, would it be possible to get a few overlays for my story please? i will give you full credit! it’s an elemental story. i need the powers for fire (fireball), earth (some sort of brown/green magic orb), water (a ball of water), air (a mini hurricane?) , light (yellow or white magic ball) and shadow (black magic ball). thank you so much! (i just need one of each please)


Hi I was wondering if u can make me a splash?


Hi can I have an overlay?


hi can I have a background with a overlay if the overlay is to difficult that’s fine and you can just do the backgroung