I make (edited) covers, character cards and profile pictures!

:blue_heart: I can make you a character card, cover or profile picture. :blue_heart:

Here are some examples:

more character card examples on my other forum post:
Are you in need of a UNIQUE and MADE JUST FOR YOU character details card? (read below)


  1. Like this thread
  2. Read 2 chapters of my story Squad:Roadtrip
  3. Send me screenshots for proof (either on instagram or the forums)
  4. fill in one of the forms


character card




profile picture


Any questions you have I’ll be glad to answer :blue_heart:
my instagram handle: @may.i.writeepisode


ok do we when we raed the chapters of ur story do we send it to u on here (pm) or on ig

Anywhere you prefer.

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ok ill send them throuh ig since its easyer whats ur username


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ok ill send the SS in a minute when i read it

just sent it

i requested a charater card and if its ok can i send u the cloathing details on here

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Can I see some examples of your Cover art?

Go ahead

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As of right now, there is one cover I have done. Its for my story Squad:Roadtrip and it is listed in the examples. If you go to my thread specifically for character cards, you can see more of my examples and get a feel of my editing style.

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I make sure my edits are top quality, I can make custom poses, I can also add filters.

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Can you show me what a classic cover is, pls?

Its a cover with episodes first character style. The style before ink.

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OoO! thank you! I filled out the form for the cover!

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I meant to do the the forums cover! :pensive: Sorry for bothering you!!!

It’s no big deal, but please fill in the cover request form, even if you filled another one as a mistake before.

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I filled out the cover form!

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I cant read episode right as i dont have a phone but your work is amazing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :blue_heart:

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I read your story and sent the proof on instagram! It’s an amazing story!
I sent a form in too!

Thank you <3

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