I make free covers! (CLOSED)

Hey! I am wanting to practice digital art and I can make you a cover! Just lmk either pm or on this thread! :smiley: :heart:
I will need:

  • Cover Description
  • Character Details and Features
  • Character Outfit Details
  • Background Details
  • Title
  • Story Description

ATTENTION I want to apologize for my absence, but I have been struggling with mental illness. I am so sorry for any inconvenience. I wish you all luck on your stories. Again i am so sorry if I promised you a cover and didn’t deliver. I hope you understand. Message me if you have any further questions. I do plan to reopen as soon as I can, but I’m not sure if that will work out. Thank you for reading. :heart:


Can I request one please? Limelight pleaseee

of course I will need:

  • Cover Description
  • Character Details and Features
  • Background Details
  • Title
  • Story Description

It’s a love story. Ellis has had a sad childhood losing her parents, but on her best friend and crush’s birthday she bought him a lottery ticket. He wins and they become distant, but she still has feelings…
Title: The Lottery
Really just do whatever you want with this
Thank you so so much!!

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can you make a cover for my new story please?

Can you send me a list of their features like Copper 01 and Hair Color Brown Black? Any animations you prefer?


Yea sure!

Whatever animations you think look good

Her features:
Skin tone - Copper 00
Brow - Arched Natural
Brow color - Chestnut brown
Hair color - Platinum blonde
Hairstyle - Long wavy parted
Eye - Generic
Eye color - Ice blue
Face - diamond
Nose - grecian soft
Lip - full heart pouty

His features:
Skin tone - Rose 03
Brow - Male generic
Hair color - Brunette brown
Hairstyle - Medium wavy messy
Eye - Deepset heavy lid
Eye color - Blue deep
Face - Square long jaw stubble
Nose - Male generic
Lip - Medium straight natural

I want a girl (limelight fair long hair) with a knife in her hand like she is planning to kill someone please.

Thank you! I will have your cover done as soon as possible! :smiley:

Can you describe the cover more indepthly? Like background and what the character should look like. (Character details would be helpful.) :slight_smile:

skin tone- neutral 01
hair- boufant long wavy- color- deep brown
eyebrows- arch thin color- black
eyes- monolid slender color- blue green
face- diamond
nose- grecian soft
lips- thin heart - color- peach matte
background- red
clothes - any red dress
thats it thanks

Yd5o.png) Hi I heard you make free covers I am making a episode called in love with my best friend do you think you could make me a cover? I would give you full credit if you made it. Please respond. ![image|281x499](upload://9oM22D0jBG1u4zMEVtFxvW2
This link shows you what my people look like.

of course just read my post for the information I will need :slight_smile:

I think you forgot the lip colors…

I have them as dark red

Oh I did I’m sorry I’ll get that

Fair neutral lip color please

for both characters?