I may be able to guess your personality


Hi guys,
@Kale got me inspired to start this and its a good idea and guessing people’s personallities is a fun thing to do because you can learn thing about each other and I also added name so its much harder and you can guess too and the form is down below if you want to play.

Fill This Out For A Personality Test

Favorite Genre?
Boy or Girl?
What are your hobbies?
Favorite Food?
Favorite Colour?
Favorite Season?
Favorite Book?
Forum Name?


You had an amazing idea thx


Favorite Genre? Mystery and romantic
What are your traits and hobbies? Volleyball, listening to music, drawing
Favorite Food? I think Italian
Favorite Colour? Purple
Favorite Season? Autumn
Favorite Book? It’s a book you wouldn’t know…
Forum Name? Jassie12dw


Aaaaw :see_no_evil:

Favorite Genre? Sci-Fi, romance
What are your traits and hobbies? I don’t want to turn out arrogant, but my friends tell me I’m really smart. I’m ambitious and perfectionist and I looooove to read and write.
Favorite Food? Sushi and Pat Thai
Favorite Colour? Orange and purple
Favorite Season? Spring
Favorite Book? Divergent series
Forum Name? Kale


I didn’t add traits cause it reveals a lot about me…


Favorite Genre? Romance
What are your traits and hobbies? Reading, drawing, Netflix | I’m chill overall.
Favorite Food? Italian
Favorite Colour? Blue
Favorite Season? Fall
Favorite Book? The Women in White
Forum Name? RudeInception


Favorite Genre? Comedy (But that depends if its actually funny)
What are your traits and hobbies? I dont know, many people say Im smart at math but I say I just like it :+1: I love drawing and am currently addicted to Episode! Once im addicted to something, nothings gonna stop me from doing it again
Favorite Food?: Since its a food on my country, you might now know it so Ill just put it in english terms, I love Roasted Pig!
Favorite Colour? Maroon/Pastel Colours!
Favorite Season?: Winter, since I want to know how it feels like to step on snow
Favorite Book? Hunger Games! :two_hearts: I sound practically a child by saying this, but I also like the book Geronimo Stiltion!
Forum Name? @Skyye


Genre? Romance

Traits and Hobbies? Traits are I am sarcastic, curious, I am told I am generous by my friends and I am told I am creative as well. My hobbies include drawing, running, debating, reading and cooking.

Favourite food? Damn this is hard but I will go with ciabatta with almond butter :sob::joy:

Favourite colour? Turquoise and Black

Favourite Season? Autumn​:maple_leaf::maple_leaf:

Favourite Book? The Picture of Dorian Gray

Forum name? Days.


OMG I love Geronimo Stilton 2


Favorite Genre? Romance
What are your traits and hobbies? People say I’m crazy sometimes. I like listening to music, making music, writing, reading, watching TV.
Favorite Food? Pizza
Favorite Colour? Red/Yellow/Black
Favorite Season? Spring
Favorite Book? Night School / Library of Souls
Forum Name? RainbowCat


Yours was really hard.
You are a very sportive person and like to have time to yourself sometimes, you care deeply about your responsibilites and wont tell anyone tell you authorwise. You are very confident in yourself as well.
Am I close?


Everything besides the last thing is correct!


Really Yay !


Favourite Genre? Comedy/Drama
What are your traits and hobbies?
Traits: Sarcastic, caring, honest.
Hobbies: Eating lol, reading Episode.
Favourite Food? Chocolate.
Favourite Colour? Blue.
Favourite Season? Spring.
Favourite Book? The Sun is Also a Star (and others)
Forum Name? WinterMoon05

-Hehe I’m excited for the outcome @Chesirekitten101. :see_no_evil:


Yours was complicated to guess as well
You are very nice and caring person that loves hanging out with friends. You a fan of Sci Fi stories and Romance Stories as well and I can tell you love Chinese food and you love picking out flowers during the summertime I am guessing but to sum it up you care deeply about the people that surround you and you can be serious at times but you have a heart of gold
Was I close?


You’re quite close, but I barely go out
But otherwise you’re very close!


Thanks It was quit complicated to guess

  1. Comedy , romance , sci-fi
  2. Making imaginary thing
  3. Biryani , cake
  4. Black
  5. Rain
  6. dhumketuchya sheptivar
  7. 24aya


You are a cool girl and funny and you like to jump in the leaves during fall and again you love your friends. You are a calm and peaceful girl and you also like to have time to yourself and you are hardly put down by anyone but if you are you get right back up again and you have a bubbly personality as well.

You love reading and having free time and you adore your Country so much and you love to play in the winter time by making snowmans and throwing snowballs with friends. You are a loveable and Nice person and you are put down less since when that happens you get right back up again an you are quite an adventurous reader and person and you are a fan of action movies. You surround yourself with the peple you know and love which makes you turstworthy towards people

Like you gave in the description
You are sarcastic, curious and you care deeply about what people say about you. You are a loveable person and car about your close friends, your a sporty person and you love having time to yourself and your creative meaning that when n idea comes to your head you add your own spin to it and overall You have high expectations for yourself

You dont care about hwta people say about you and you already know what you want to do in your free time.You are creative , Caring and sometimes you can get an angry temper when someone disturps you or gets on your nerves but overall your a Music lover and your confident in yourself most of the time.


Favourite Genre?: Fantasy
What are your traits and hobbies?: I’m shy but loyal
Favourite Food?: Sushi or pizza
Favourite Colour?: pastel blue
Favourite Season?: Autumn/Fall
Favorite Book?: Counting By 7s by Holly Goldberg Sloan
Forum Name?: Kocoa (that’s not my real name btw)