I may not do art anymore

Hey so i just feel like im not good and i do have proof… i dont know what to do and usually im better at art when im in a group but epy bomb idk what even happened and in epi paradise we have just been talking when im alone no one usually takes my art for granted.

  • Dont quit
  • You suck quit
  • Idk

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You are good!!!

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Don’t ever give up just keep trying :blush:



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If you give up you won’t get better.
If you’re really contemplating giving up or asking other people if you should, then that might not be something you’re passionate about.
Maybe you need to find a new hobby.


I haven’t seen your art before, but know this:

Art isn’t about being good enough. It sucks if you feel like you’re not as skilled as you should be, but if you really want to be good at art, you need to practice. Motivation can come from others liking your work and complimenting you but the reason behind your art comes from you and your desire to do art. If you don’t feel inspired, maybe you should take a break and try again in a couple of days, weeks, months, or however much time you need.

But like Zaddy said above, if you’re not doing art for your own enjoyment (and by that I mean even if you’re doing it for the likes but you still have fun doing it) art might not be for you, as it takes a long time to improve. Success is subjective, so I don’t know what you need to feel like your art is worthwhile, I just hope you take some of what I’ve said into consideration before quitting entirely.


If you love something, you don’t give up on it.
After all, practice makes perfect and if you’re having fun doing it, then that rocks ; )

I love writing so much, and would NEVER give up on it- it is a big part of my life and is so freaking special to me-writing brings joy to me and I enjoy doing it.
You should feel the same about art and don’t let others’ negative opinions and thoughts bring you down!

You are having doubts that your artwork is bad and not good enough, and that is not a good mindset to have if you’re working on it-you need to be passionate about what you do-if you’re not passionate, then you need to try something else that sparks your interest and boosts your confidence, instead of eliciting doubts about your work and making you feel awful.