I might be the only one who wants them (RANT?)

I’d personally would like to see more socks in clothing, there are some socks with shoes but i there are shoes that i would like to have sock with them. Also socks by itself would be nice, you know for sleep overs since most of the people I know just love wearing socks.

I would also like to see gloves and rings added, they would be fun to play with.
Also adding cast and injuries, in ink they have injured faces for the guys but not for the girls. And most of the stories I that I’ve read have some short of injured character and its a plain to animate given the overlays.

I have ombre hair, and i would like to see more ombre or colourful strands hair, just to make it pop a bit more, it would be cool to add in a 2nd hair option to make it more volume and it would allow more creativity/individuality towards the hair styles.

I’m also currently co-writing a story thats based on history, and it’s really hard to make historical outfits with the limited clothing, i may not be very good at fashion but theres only 1 white shirt that is like the main historical clothing used for men. this is also mainly used in pirate themed stories because that’s the only item that CAN be used.

Since we have plus size females, can we also have plus size men? I think it would be fair and will add more body types and more individuality. And on the topic of men stuff we should also add more facial hairs! that would be fun to play around.

This maybe a stretch (and might be hard to input) but i’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who thinks some clothing doesn’t work well together, like you have this really good outfit all thought out but the problem is that it overlaps and it adds this weird clothing overlapping look that just hurts my OCD (i actually have it, don’t ask). It might be hard to fix but I’m just pointing it out.
Screen Shot 2020-10-09 at 10.26.00 am

Pretty much a concussion of what I’ve ranted(?) -idk if this is a proper rant

-have socks

  • ring
    -more injuries and casting
    -more ombre hairs
    -hair highlights
    -maybe have a 2nd hair option?
  • add more historical/pirate clothing
    -more fantasy clothings!
    -have plus size men!
    -fix the weird glitch

If anyones sees this, have a nice day!



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:clap:t5: SUPPORT!!! :clap:t5:

body seems unclear


I definitely relate and agree with EVERYTHING you said. I totally support this


You can’t ask for more than one thing per thread, also you have duplicates of already existing thread


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