I might need some help lol



Hai Guys! I’m so lost on how to do the “This story Uses sound” art and “this story contains mature theme and content” art any advice?


Do you want me to create you one?


OMGG you would do that?!! If you don’t mind I’d like to have em :point_right::point_left:

First Splash


Whatcha meann?? :o

Is this second one okay?



OMG both are purrfect thank you!! but uhh so like do I upload it as a background?




lol i’ll find out xD thank you though! <3 what’s your insta or episode acc I’d like to credit ya :3


Episode account is @Franciscax1, Instagram account is @Epi.Franciscax1.


ahh alright i’ll follow ya and btw the 2nd splash isn’t downloadable?


Copy and paste it onto a website and then download it


Yes, you upload it as a background.


thank youu :smiley:


No problem!