I might open an art shop. Would you guys be interested?

Hi there! I’m wanting to get my name out there so I’m considering opening free commisions.
I’d either do edits like the examples below:

Or original art in this style:


I’d be rather picky about what I accept. But, anyway, I was just curious if you guys would be interested in any of my work?

  • Yes please!
  • Nah.

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You should if you want. but note most authors dont actually go to an art shop. for some reason they make a forum. so it is more easy to just comments in there forums. though you can always link your art shop

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Oh, yeah. It would be a forum art shop. Lol, I should have made that more clear XD

no I mean the one looking for art . they dont go to peopels art forum they just make one asking for art

Oh! I see. Huh, that’s a good point

Your examples are really beautiful. I would definitely request something from you :blob_hearts: