I miss being able to make a story on the phone

Episode took this feature out a while ago where you can no longer make stories on the phone

And I’m not going to lie I do miss it- when I first started Episode I’d make so many rubbish stories on the phone and to look back at them makes me laugh and makes me happy on my improvement

But I wish they’d add it back as I would love to make some more just for fun and as a test to see how I’d do on the phone

But that’s just my opinion, many may think it was pointless as you can’t do half the stuff you can do on the computer


I did actually like it sort of but I wish I could’ve made LL stories with it. It is fun for when you are bored. Took me so long to find out how to branch on there tho. :joy:

Here’s an example of mine where I couldn’t even make my character leave the screen properly :sob:


Me toooo! At the time I did prefer ink so I wasn’t bothered about the limelight bit, but the branching I was like “how on earth-“

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This is a great idea I remember me make such weird stories :joy:

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:sob: :sob: :sob:

I remember that I used to try to make stories a of the time. They were awful, but fun to make :joy:

Me too haha, it’d be the worst thing to exist but to just mess around was hilarious

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