I miss Classic, who else wants more stories in classic?

I’m not sure if this is 100% true but I heard that they are no longer updating classic. I love all three features but classic is one of my favorite features and do you miss it as much as I do? This thread I am posting is to support to continue updating classic and to have more featured stories in classic and to ask more authors if they would like to write more stories in classic. I rarely see any new stories in classic although there is one ongoing story I am reading that is in classic so what do you guys all think about classic?


Idk if this would work and I don’t suggest doing it but my only idea would be to inform the moderators :T

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I love Classic. I still read Classic stories, you dig deep in the user stories but they’re in there. But I doubt Episode will continue updating the style. They’ve said they will also/have also stopped updating Ink, so hoping to save an even older design is a long shot. But speech is power! So here’s a couple of threads that have already been made in defense of Classic:


@yammer Yes, Classic is no longer being updated anymore. I understand it’s unfortunate, but just like recently with Ink, both run on older software and they are unable to update it through the new software or tech as Episode has said. I love all the styles too, but Classic is also my most favorite, and although I do miss its prominence, if we want to see more of something, we have to start with doing it ourselves if no one else is going to right? :slight_smile:

A good example, like what @RudeInception provided, would be to check out those kinds threads, including the one I provided below. It is an entire thread dedicated to searching for, providing and recommending Classic stories. Should be easier to find them than through the app themselves. If you have any recommendations, feel free to provide them here. :slight_smile:

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Well wow I just heard something new that they’re not even going to be updating the ink stories anymore okay then but that is a great idea for us to speak out and you have a great idea with having a Shelf with all classic stories featured ones that are older and then the ones that users right that would be perfect. Classic just gives me this feel good feeling when I read stories I’m currently reading one that is still being written called Beautiful destruction of anyone is interested and although the updating is a little more slower which however long authors update I don’t complain about but the story gets updated at least once a month but it’s a great story. But if you’re staying that they can’t update Classic on their new software then it seems hopeless right?

Sorry this is my first time making a topic I thought I did have it at episode fan Community but thank you.

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Thank you for the advice but someone just posted on here that they can no longer really update classic or even ink anymore because of the newer software they have so in my opinion it seems hopeless but there are still stories out there like they said to just dig deeper and I just went and found a list but it would be nice to have a shelf just for classic and I know an episode first came out it was only classic and there’s just something about classic I love and I love into so I’m going to miss it because it seems like everything is going to be line right now but I do love Limelight as well but we just have to take it as it is and speak up on the issues that we feel are important.

I miss classic, although I write in ink. When I started reading on episode it was only classic, and I would love to see more.


Girllll don’t even get me started :slight_smile:


I’m a bit late to this, but I have found at least 200 people that still write in Classic on Instagram and there are accounts dedicated to Classic recommendations. If you ever need any suggestions I have many from Instagram and from the thread linked above. Although I would be over the moon if they updated Classic again, it’s most likely not going to happen. Saying that, I believe we all need to stand up against the recent problems with Classic, such as characters not changing clothes in the previewer and not showing up in the character previewer, because it’s really unfair that they aren’t fixing it. I’ll leave it there for now :joy::slightly_smiling_face:



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