I Miss Ryan And I'm Off Topic

I liked when Ryan was here because that was back when reactions to on topic comments weren’t considered off topic. This was also the time when natural conversation progression to other related topics weren’t considered off topic. I miss the days when mods didn’t close the messages containing your concerns before you could ask them questions or for elaboration on there response. Like haha imagine trying to respond to a message in under a minute amiright? So glad they care about what we have to say or our concerns or worries!

Please post your off topic sentiments down below!




I’m tired and bored

Ryan was a great mod. I think the current moderator and admin are trying their best in his absence.

Okay, but seriously. The forums feel exactly like the old forums now, back when any important/constructive conversations were shut down the moment they were brought up publically. It sort of reminds me why I came to prefer the Instagram community over the forums in the first place. I think the forum guidelines would be better off not banning public discussion of management issues, which are less likely to be solved if we bring them up privately as individuals than if we speak about them collectively, as well as explicitly stating rules that should have been there from the beginning, such as a ban on hate speech. “Keep it civil” isn’t a specific enough guideline. Of course, there’s a solid chance my ideas will only be met with someone passive-aggressively talking down to me about how I should do the exact thing I said earlier in this post doesn’t work. Will I still get censored if I’m writing all of this in a spoiler? Maybe, maybe not.
What I know for sure is that we are in a special circle of hell that’s 99% tone policing.


I miss Ryan, he was the only one who kept me on topic.

Anyway here’s a link to a great unlisted post that was literally up since February but considered bad in July… How Is Noob Loop Not Banned?

note all the “off topic” posts.


Why are all comments blurred? :open_mouth:

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I Miss Ryan

click them, they elaborate


I miss Ryan even though I don’t know who the heck he is.

I want to make a comment that directly relates to the topic as it is stated in the title and accompanying post, however I am confused because the title and the post encourage going off topic. So if I make my comment directly relate to the topic as stated in the title and accompanying post and go off topic, will I be flagged for going off topic, or is it technically going off topic to stay on topic? Or is my question enough on topic to stay off topic yet on topic at the same time?


Ryan was an old forum moderator, before he stepped down.

Also, mind=blown.

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Ryan was they greatest mod to ever live… and my best friend :sob:

Sooo I made the topic “And I’m Off Topic” in hopes that any comment that veers off from being what the mods like will still technically be on topic. Because part of the topic is being off topic. Also if for some reason this post get’s to the point of mods posting about stuff being off topic, technically their posts will be off topic and will deserve flagging. I just wanted a thing where we can discuss topics like the flag misuse, nb lp, and any other abhorrent annoyances without being “off topic” But you can also just start your thing with “I Miss Ryan” since that’s on topic. Also figured the I Miss Ryan thing works too cause someone already tried to flag one of my posts! But luckily I edited it in under a minute and add something “on topic”…

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Really do miss Ryan though. He was great.

Your logic is cool but makes my brain hurt


Still miss Ryan

But seriously though can we talk abut this whole flagging comments for supposedly being “off topic.” Like that’s supposed to be used for people like promoting their stories or spamming about a group their in on a posts that aren’t about those things. Not people having reactions to on topic comments or people talking about things related to the subject. Like honestly the way they’re doing things now is making the forums almost useless. We should be able to naturally progress topics and talk about related issues. And the posts I see flagged the most are just posts criticizing something about episode or criticizing something that’s problematic. This really is tone policing and the fact that the mods are standing by this is really eye opening. Like this is really a game of control rather than them listening to the community and that’s been proven by how they lock messages as soon as they reply so you can’t ask anything. They really don’t concern themselves about what we want or think at all. And this comment will probably be flagged to for whatever reason.

But anyways, that’s why I miss Ryan.


my satire is too spicy for this forum

I miss Ryan


I didn’t know Ryan, but he sounds like a great guy.

IMHO, the whole flagging system is flawed because something being “off topic” is subjective. What might be on topic to you and I could be perceived as “off topic” to someone else… which is fine, but people don’t deserve to be silenced for simply voicing their concerns or having an innocent conversation.
I totally get it if something is legit spam, but to police people like this is honestly ridiculous and it makes me uncomfortable to even put my input anywhere. I’m lowkey afraid that one little thing I say is gonna be considered “off topic”, and I’ll get flagged, or worse, suspended lmao. Speaking of which,I got flagged for the first time yesterday when I put it out there that I’m a straight, Catholic woman in support of the LGBTQ+ community… of all posts, THAT was my first flagged one. Unbelievable. Meanwhile I see posts comparing sexual orientations to sex with dead bodies that are seemingly getting off scot-free. Again: UNBELIEVABLE.

That’s why I’m so remorseful that I missed Ryan by like a few weeks.


I thought posts got flagged when someone posted something offensive, or were bullying a person in particular… but it’s sad to see that posts are just getting flagged for no reason at all… :frowning:


I miss Ryan too

About the flagging thing… So I mostly thought flagging was due to other forumers flagging things. I didn’t think mods or admins did it. I’ve been flagged about 4 times this week for off-topic comments, which were all replies to people who had asked me a completely irrelevant question to the OP’s thread. So I understand why I get flagged, because it is off topic, but like… am I supposed to just ignore someone who tags me and asks me something that’s off topic for a fraction of a second? I don’t want to come across as rude, but I don’t want to risk getting suspended either


Ryan was super cool and chill. :grin:
While I do miss him, he’s probably somewhere sipping a smoothie; not even acknowledging my existence. :joy:


Ryan was super funny, def miss him

Yeah for the most part from what I’ve seen the comments being flagged are stuff calling out problematic stuff like I saw Rude talking on twitter about how she was flagged for nicely talking about homophobia and I was flagged when I was talking about r*pe culture on the noob loop post

So mods can flag too and at first I thought it was a troll doing all the flagging on posts that were calling out problematic stuff but it just spans way too many topics now and is happening to a lot of people so I feel like it must be the mods doing it. But even it they aren’t, they’re still the ones defending and agreeing with whoever is doing it.

Also I hate how no matter what happens the bot that messages you when you’re flagged says that multiple people did it. Like You’re telling me the comment I made on a post with only about 30 views so far got flagged by multiple people within the minute or so it was up? Doubtful. Plus it says multiple people every time.
Like that’s literally not likely at all and I seriously doubt it. But the fact that it’s there in the automated message really annoys me because it’s like straight up a dominance tactic to make the person getting the message to feel like there is a big group of people against them. It’s supposed to make you feel outnumbered. And it really weirds me out that they would use a tactic like that on a child friendly forum? Or like even at all? Like that’s super not professional and maybe I’m being nit picky but it bothers me. Also “flagged by the community” as if one person speaks for the whole community and the whole community is against you now… like? It just really bothers me because like I don’ personally have social anxiety but a lot of people do and as someone who studies mental health I just can’t look at it and think the manipulation is not intentional and I’d hate for like someone who gets flagged for next to reason feel bad for some ridiculous and poorly formatted automated message :confused: idk I may be thinking about this too much but it bothers me whenever I see it idk if anyone else here feels that way

But anyway, didn’t get those messages before when Ryan was here. Miss him.


Oh my yes! That last paragraph. I know it’s a default message, but it still hurts. Robot words still hurt :disappointed_relieved: