I Miss Ryan And I'm Off Topic


Oh my yes! That last paragraph. I know it’s a default message, but it still hurts. Robot words still hurt :disappointed_relieved:


Agree, got completely shut down by the mods for voicing an opinion that was completely on topic :confused: #wemissryan


I’m very new here, but the short time I’ve been lurking, I have noticed this as well. It makes me a little confused on what’s considered “off topic”, because most of the time it just seems like the conversation just progressed, not strayed.

I think this place would benefit from a suggestions/feedback subforum section. The mods seem to work hard, but not always in the most productive way.


When someone flags your comment, I believe in the same second no one can read it - so how would it be possible that anyone else flags it?
I think that bot says automatically “multiply flags”, but in reality is only 1.


Honestly I feel like it only makes sense for the OP of the thread to decide what comments are off topic or not if we’re going to be flagging things other than spam or promotions as off topic. What’s the point of making your thread if your own comments or comments you like and find relevant get flagged.

But that’s why I miss Ryan


I know…I was poking fun at the stringent and sometimes contradictory way in which this rule is being applied :see_no_evil: sorry if that wasn’t clear!


Here’s yet another post that shows episode really caring about about the important issues… like being on topic!

I miss Ryan, I wish I could show him this post!


I miss Ryan too!!! :two_hearts:

I understand flagging when something is completely off topic, but flagging posts because

  • they’re similar to the topic
  • or just telling someone to stay on topic
  • or to be polite

Sorry, but I don’t get it :expressionless::woman_shrugging:


Here’s a topic. This topic is homophobic and just about everyone scrutinizing it’s homophobia gets flagged for being “off topic” Do you agree with LGBT in stories?

Wish Ryan was here. Sure do miss him. Bet he’d love to see all the flagging on this post too…


Ugh, that topic made me so upset.

Someone: being gay is bad
Mods: cool carry on
Someone: actually being gay isn’t bad

I feel recently there’s been a pattern of someone saying something blantantly offensive, people going hey actually that’s pretty offensive and here’s why, and then episode blocking all those replies but completely ignoring the content of the original comment.

Anyway miss Ryan!


Yeah I miss Ryan too

It’s obvious there’s a bias against certain issues.


I don’t even get how this is off-topic, because the literal title of the thread is phrased in a question. There’s bound to be yes/no answers with arguments defending those standpoints. That’s the nature of a yes/no question!


I miss Ryan too. We’re lucky that Jeremy is still here (right? 0.0), but it seems like the whole of Episode is going downhill in one foul swoop.


Oh my god, where was I when that homophobic thread was up?! :nauseated_face: That’s terrible! Well, the positive side of this is that the topic ended up getting closed for “excessive off-topic posting”. We don’t want that stuff around so if “off-topic” posting can stop it, so be it.

I miss Ryan too, I didn’t know him well but he was certainly really nice and helpful. I hope he’s doing well and sees how much we miss him :blush:

There should be a t-shirt with “I Miss Ryan And I’m Off Topic” written on it.


This isn’t about pointlessly flagging posts but I thought I’d share it anyway.

One of the mods (not gonna say who, but you can see on the post’s comments) locked and unlisted my post which was about how I felt my previous post was wrongly banned. This is the original post and this is the post I made after the mod banned it.
Reading through the first post, I don’t understand why the community hated my opinions. I can understand why the post was closed though as there was already multiple posts about the guidelines. However, other things that that mod said in his comment, I didn’t understand. I spoke my opinions about this in the second post.
I felt that the mod was very rude in his responses. I sent a private message to Ryan and boyyyyyyyyyy what a massive difference. Ryan spoke so kindly and sorted my problem. I can’t remember exactly what Ryan did but he did speak to the other mod and afterwards I feel as if he was kinder in his responses especially those about moving posts to different topics and locking posts.

So yes, I miss Ryan greatly. I feel as if we all have good reason to, as he was generally a nice person and always loved to help us.


Agreed. Ryan was great.

And now we’re left with… what we have.
But you’re right there are topics concerning N**b L*op but they keep getting unlisted so of course people who want to talk about it are still going to make threads since they can’t comment on the other ones. :roll_eyes: