I need 1 drawing for limelight characters and a cover and splashes!

Hello there!
Thank you for entering this you are so kind!
Well as you saw on the title.
I need a drawing of two limelight characters !
and a cover and a splash.
Just reply me with your drawings and covers in limelight style!
It you want to help me.
Thank you!

Is this what you want?


Hi Latifa :wave:
Here are some examples of my splashes:

Here’s an example of my cover art: I haven’t had requests before so I just have this example one:

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Sorry for the late reply
Yes this is what I want !

Yours is good as well!

Did you look at mine. Since I just started drawn covers.

Yes I did reply to you !
Yours is amazing too!

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Can you do me one?
Sorry if I have been rude

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Oh sorry I didn’t see.

Can you make one for me?

What would you like?

Wow this is amazing!
I need a splash with this character

This story uses sounds Turn up the volume for better experience !
Any background that includes music things I am fine with.

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How much of here do you want drawn. Depending on size. Makes the wait longer. @JonezieJ_episode

700 X 1600 I want this size please.

Yah I don’t know how much that is.
I did this much.

I can make you a cover

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Wow cool, Could you show me some examples?

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OMG so amazing dear thank you so much :heart:

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I will finish it tonight.

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