I need 3 art scenes for my story!

Hello there! It’s me, Lady Stephanie once again! lol

I need art scenes for my story, “Facing My Demons”. These three pictures are the one’s that I need. It doesn’t have to be the exact position shown on the pictures but something similar would be highly appreciated! Here are the character details:


BODY: Light
BROW: Seductive Arch
HAIR: Long Curly Hair COLOR: Blonde
EYES: Round Bold COLOR: Taupe
FACE: Soft Heart
NOSE: Soft Natural
LIPS: Classic COLOR: Bubblegum Pink


BODY: Light
BROW: Thick Arch
HAIR: Spiked Up Hair COLOR: Platinum Bold
EYES: Classic Round COLOR: Blue
FACE: Chiseled Square
NOSE: Athletic Button
LIPS: Small Round COLOR: Blush

stock-photo-man-teaches-girl-to-shoot-a-gun-548882566 large images

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@AlexMichele do you think you can do this for me when you have time?

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Yea I can do these! I just probably wont be able to have them done for about a week.

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You don’t have to do them now my love. I had forgotten I had asked for these 3 art scenes. But yeah take your time. You must have finals now so just wait until after the 19th to start working on it. :grinning:

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Okay thank you for being so understanding! I’ll let you know when I’ve got them finished! :slightly_smiling_face:

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No problem! Now study study study lol :books: