I need 3 art scenes

Hey I was wondering if there is an artist that is willing to make me 3 different art scenes
All of them are kind of look alike (same background, same characters, different poses).
This is for the fairy tale contest so I need it to be ready by july 10


Character 1-

Character 2-


For the first 2 art scenes There is just a dark brick wall in a street with a bench in the middle

The third art scene is from a different prespective it is still in the same street so there is the same floor but now there is a big bank in the middle.


1 art scene-
Charcter 1 is sitting on the bench and crying with her face in her hand while character 2 is comforting her and putting her hand on characters 1 shoulder.

2 art scence-
Both characters are sitting on the bench and character 2 is whispering something in character 1 ear.

3 art scence-
Both characters are standing we see them from the back and they are looking at a big bank (The wall and the bench are not in the frame)

I would really appreciate if someone can do this but I also understand if not since it’s a lot of work


I can make those
I kinda lost my Ipad so as my examples too
I can do it if the deadline is till july
Coz I’m saving up for my next ipad
I’m good at drawing realistic ones
I do commissioned ones let me know if you are interested

I hope you’re paying for this because asking for 3 free artworks and setting up a deadline is a big yikes…

You say that this is for the Fairy Tale contest?
Not sure where you got July 10th from, the deadline for the Fairy Tale contest is January 14th.

I thought the same too
I never what she meant thou
May be she misunderstood July for January

On insta @arinasdrawings still has some commission spots… she said they’ll be done by January which is the contest deadline. They’ll b realistic but u’ll have to pay…

hey! i’m an artist and my commissions are open! you can check my examples at my art shop! :heart:

Hi!! Im open for commission! you can dm me on my instagram @zamiraarts.

here is some samples

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hey , I also need a art scene artist no deadlines. so are willing to help me or should I ask someone else.

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i’m open if you ever need me :))

Hey,can you show me some of your masterpieces dear?? If that’s ok with you

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sure! here you go

i don’t do art for free though, just incase you thought so :heart: