I need a art scene (Story: Revenge)


Hi! I want a drawn art scene for my new story I’m making :slight_smile:

What I need:

The girl is facing the camera, two guards beside her, walking down the hallway. Her hands are cuffed.

The hallway to the left. <–

The characters:

The girl:

The guards:

How the guards faces looks doesn’t matter.

Thank you if you wanna help!


I can try…


wait sorry I just realized that you wanted it drawn (Im stupid) I cant really draw sorry


It’s okay, thank you anyway. :slight_smile:


I can do an edit, but it wont look drawn


@CrazygirldY_dY_dY @MeganTinista might be able to… or @episode-Dreams


I could try. I do drawn art scenes, but they’re usually in my own style. An example of my own style is below(it’s just some fanart)



I’m sorry, I got help from someone else. :frowning: But that’s really good!