I need a art scene! (The Genie)


Hi there! I was wondering if someone wants to help me with a art scene?

I need a scene with a dark background with red glowing eyes looking at this character. I would like the character holding like a cloud of black smoke and looking into it. (Facing the camera OR completely from the side.)

Thank you if you wanna help!


Skin: Beige deepneutral
Eyebrows: Deep brown, Straight Medium
Hair: Black dark, Slicked Back Solid
Eyes: Blue aqua, Deepset Downturned
Face: Square Jaw
Nose: Straight Narrow
Lips: Beige gold matte, Medium Straight Natural




I can


Thanks blue… I would love to help you!!


wait never mind go ahead guys have fun


Thank you! :smiley:


I will start working on it