I need a Artscene ASAP please

I need a Artscene asap I’m already done with the episode I just need the the artscene and I’m behind so if anyone could help please help me and I can’t pay and heres the details

I’m requesting An artscene



Character Details

Body: Female Athletic Cooper 02
Brow: Arched Natural deep brown
Hair: Long down wavy princess braid Copper red
Eyes: Deep set Almond Red
Face: Diamond
Nose: Round button upturned
Lips: Small heart Red gloss

Body: Athletic Body Copper 02
Brow: Round thin Brown dark
Hair: Slick back side shaved tousled Black Dark
Eyes: Deep set heavy lid Brown black
Face: Chiseled square stubble shave
Nose: Button round
Lips Medium straight Natural Fair neutral Matte


Devil dress costume black sequin
Devil Tattered Cape Black
Short Devil Horns Black
Devil Tail Black
Wings Devil Black
Devil Sequin Shoes Black
Skull And Stars Chest Tattoo

Devil Tail Black
Wings Devil Black
Devil Sequin Shoes Black
Devil Vest Sequin Black
Devil Tattered Cape Black
Devil Leather Pants Black
Tribal Arm Tattoo
Horns Devil Small Plastic Grey Black

Number of characters and pose

2 characters

Can you draw it if you can? plz


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Need it by?

I need it ASAP


I would like the artscene to be waist up please


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@Jazzy9894 i can do an art scene for you al, my art is free

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