I need a arty looking cover for my story please

Hi, I really need a good cover, something that will draw readers attention. Please send some of your art so I could choose which style is for me. Thank you

Ok noted. please forward your email ID

Here are some examples of mine


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These are the three styles I do. (Also you might need to click on the pics to see them better.)

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hey i would like a cover for my story
If you want to know who i am in the app i’m DramaQueen the creator of meet dramaqueen and Where were you it’s actually for where were you i need a cover

Any of us would be happy to help and we all have different styles feel free to pick and choose your favourite and request from them!

Thank you soo much :blush:
before everything who is the most active in the group?

Thic sister hood can send the deatils

Thank you @Epy.raven

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