I need a back ground and overlay for my story ASAP!


I need a backcgound and overlay for a wedding
please I need your help.


Which of the items are overlays and which is the background? I’m assuming you want a church background and the rest as overlays? Correct me if I’m mistaken


Overlays: arcs, bouquet, flowers , chair and tables
Backgrounds :Church , the altar and the venue


The backgrounds are all separate, right? And the venue doesn’t need to have anything specific on it?




By the way its a lime light story


Do you want the church background to be the outside of the church or the inside where the wedding reception is?


1 inside then 1 on the outside , sorry


I’m working on the altar, is this alright?


OMG this is great!


Thanks! I’ll try to get the other backgrounds done as soon as possible


Sure , no rush . Take your time


Here’s the outdoor church background. It’s two panels :slight_smile: Let me know if there’s anything you’d want me to change/add to it


It’s all alright I’ll gonna use it for a dream , that effects make’s it more reliable for a dream , but also I need also a clean background cause . Because in the story after she dream it will happen when she wole up . Sorry for my grammar


How about this background? I took an episode background and edited in some touches

For the dream, I can produce a blurrier version of this image if you’d like


This is the venue, if it’s alright. It’s empty right now because I was thinking you could put the chair overlays on the background, unless you actually want the chairs to be a part of the venue


God you’re an angel! Thank you very much!!!


Yes pleaseee


Is this alright?


Yeah it’s perfect .