I need a backgound for the intro


I do not know if this is in the right part, but I have a question …

I want to write a fantasy story and at the beginning of the introduction I actually need a background of the desert.

Is it possible that I get that as a background in the episode or does someone have to design it?

If he has to be designed, I really hope that someone can do that for me

In the picture below is an example, there might be something of a camel or small village on it.

thanks in advance


I can help but you must be able to wait a while plz


that is not a problem, I still have to dig deep into the codes


there are more backgrounds that I need because I am going to write a story with 5 princesses and they all live in a different castle with a different theme,
Is it possible that you also make a few or are you too busy?


maybe you can teach me to create backgrounds, because then I can do something myself


Yeah it possible I have alot of time right now


thank you so much <3


Hi I dont have the background in HD could you right click and press copy and than paste here plz


sorry for the late reaction, I was eating dinner.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor desert wallpaper

tel me if it’s not working


Is it working??


Its not working


the picture?


I can send the picture if it’s okay with the both of you


Which pic


This one


you need to click on you left mousebutton if you want to see it


The desert background isn’t that what she’s trying to send


so she can not manage to send the background she has?


I don’t understand


Me neither :sweat_smile: