I need a background AND covers for my story! {ARTIST FOUND}

Hi there! So we’ve been searching for the last five days for someone who would be able to draw me both a large and small cover for my new story to no avail! Is anyone willing to do this? (We have a little bit of a high standard sorry :face_with_hand_over_mouth:) And we would also like the cover to be a background for the story (size being 640 x 1136). Please let us know!!

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How detailed are the covers?

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Well I need them very detailed but not too detailed to where it’s too difficult to make. I can send you the form I filled out for it if you’d like

Sure but I’ve only been doing art since Januray last year so my art might not be well suited for very detailed art.

Recent example

I did this for myself.

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Hello ! so I’m not that talented BUT you can go on art shops and request, BUT please read the rules of the art shop forum.

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Yes and I’ve been trying but no one responds to our requests :woman_shrugging:t5: .

That’s great! Do you do drawn covers?

Well, they have a life outside of episode you just need to be patient :slight_smile:


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And we understand that completely but it’ll be four and five days without ANY replies to our requests at all. Not even an acknowledgment that we’ve made a request.

Do you have some examples of those?

I sent you an example of my art. I edited one reply.

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Really? Intresting :sweat_smile:

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These are examples of what I can do.


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Yes exactly. But if @CD_Erugo can’t take the request I’ll have no other choice but then to try and request again

True, but I’m sure other artist will acknowledge sometime that you requested something :smiley::relaxed:

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Those are great @CD_Erugo ! Do you think you’ll be able to do this then?
What size cover do you need: (Small and/or Large?) Both
The title of your story: The Wrong Kind of Love
Any specific style wanted of text? (Ex:Script) Cursive but easily read
The author name or username: Bbygirlbrooks & kawaii_patience
Ink or Limelight: Ink
Drawn or Edited: Drawn
How many characters: 3
Character details (Details and pictures):
Any specific poses? (Pictures of pose/or explain pose): I’d like the male to be holding a chain that is either attached to the girl in the red dress’ wrists or ankles while looking at the camera using the expression from the animation (talk_apathetic). The girl in white dress I’d like to be in the background on the ground (because she’s deceased) but still visible and the girl in the red to be in the exact pose she’s in (unless you choose the chain to be around her wrists then I’d like her arms to be raised slightly to show that they’re bound)
Animation/expression (for each character)? Expressions seen in photos please
Specific background? (Please use backgrounds that are non copyrighted/free or episode made):

Background to be used
Outfit suggestions (for each character)? Outfits in pictures


Well I’ll definitely have to try again! Any art shops you recommend?

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Is this the art shop you belong to?

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