I need a background artist!


@Epy.raven @teahwalker444 Can one of you do this for me?

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I can try

Thanks, i need it as soon as you can please

J started

How is this? I it was hard finding a bed lol

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That’s good, can you use this bed? And put one on each side?

can you?

@teahwalker444 hey im sorry i dont mean to pry but i really need this background, can you do this or not?

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I can

Shes suspended

why? please be quick

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Her orignal account was @teahwalker

Send it here

@AnonymousAuthor1 The_Art_Sisters can help you!

The_Art_Sisters request shop! [Requests Open]

okay thanks

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No problem!

can u just send the artist this thread instead of me having to ask again

You’ll need to go to the thread to look at the certain artists. :blush: