I need a background for my new story


I need a background for my newish story
the last purple paw please help

Features are
Eyes: upturned feline/purple
Nose: upturned
Eyebrows: seductive arch
Skintone: fair
Hair: beach wave/black
Lips: full round/blush

I need the main character next to the wolf btw please add a purple paw on the wolfs back right
Paw i also need the character angry


Can you help?


I don’t get what your saying


Asking my group if anyone can help you lol


Do you want to do it?


Thanks thats really helpful :blush:


Cant getting on plane wont have wifi to do so :roll_eyes:


@CrazygirldY_dY_dY Will be doing your Background!


@Nightrraven What’s the face shape and do you have a desired outfit?


The face shape is oval and no i don’t have a specific outfit btw thank youu for doing this


You’re welcome! I’ll do the background with an outfit I made, and if you don’t like it I’ll redo it, sound good?




Is this good? Feel free to let me know if you’d like a redo!


Oh my gosh i love it thank youu so much
Also how do i save it :sweat:


You should be able to click on it, and once you do that at the bottom there it will say download in blue letters. You click that and then it will take you to another page and you click the upload button at the bottom and the screen and it will say save. That’s how it works for me, I use an apple device