I need a background for my story ASAP!

Hey guys
I need a background that is the inside of a car, idk if it makes sense but I really need help. I will give credit for it!

Do you need like the two seats or the actual interior of a car?

Like two seats

ooooo I got you let me post them

Here you go:


Credit goes to Pinterrest <3

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um I don’t think you can use Pinterest for these kind of things, it will most likely get rejected.

I always use pinterest
They have always accepted it

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hm ok

try it

Have you ever published any of these stories? If you have, you should change/remove these backgrounds right away. Episode does not verify rights when approving backgrounds. When you submit it for approval you are agreeing you have the rights to use it. This is so Episode is not liable if legal action is taken. Most pictures on Pinterest are subject to copyright. You may be asked to remove them from your story after they are published, by the owner if they find out, so it is better not to use them. :slight_smile:
(In the worst case, the owner may have grounds to sue you for copyright infringement but this is unlikely if you take it down when they ask, especially since you don’t really profit from using the pictures.)
Either way, you should not use pictures that are not copyright free, or that you do not have the rights to use (including those on Google, Pinterest, etc).

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I always get my backgrounds from episode accs on pinterest that DO allow you to use them. I would never steal someones stuff and call it mine and at the end of my episodes I always credit anyway. I appreciate the warning I’ll be more careful. But the backgrounds I use, I am allowed too :blush:

That’s a relief. :sweat_smile:
For future reference when referring people to Pinterest, maybe give them a warning to only use images if they are copyright free. Just in case they don’t know. :blue_heart:

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Will do :blush:

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@mt.episode if you are still in need for car interiors then you may check out my linktree, if you use any bgs or overlay, then credit me at my Instagram orangeweedie.episode


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