I need a background! Help please


Hi guys, I really want a good background for my story. I need a walk in closet , but just can’t seem to find the one that fits can anyone help?


What all do you want in the closet?


well i really like this rack I found

But it’s weird placement for character, so I’d like that to be in a room, it should go with the rest of the room
Also there should be a mirror and you can just put some decor in or whatever. The character wears a lot of black and rock chick clothes so


I’m not sure how good I would do but I recommend @Mimi0829 she helped me make some backgrounds before… I’m good at editing backgrounds not making new one or try @Circe_dreamteam


Thank you :slight_smile: Maybe if @Mimi0829 and @Circe_dreamteam see this they’ll tell me if they can help, or someone else will see and help :slight_smile:


:sweat_smile: sorry my background requests aren’t open at the moment so Mimi could maybe do it


It’s ok :smiley:


If you can edit the first picture to have more wall above and around, and a bit more floor that could work too


I’ll see what I can do for you… :grin: