I need a background made!

Hello! First off, credit will be given.

Secondly, I’m needing a background made for my story I’m currently writing. I’m needing something very similar to this control room background.

Control room background

But… I need the five screens up front to be transparent (just like a blank screen with glass reflection effect, so characters can appear behind it) and (one long) desk along the wall below the screens.

If anyone could make this for me, that would be amazing!! Again, credit will be given.
Feel free to ask me any questions. :heart:

Thanks in advance,

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Hi have a look at this thread, it has the ones I have made. If you like any of them I’ll chop the screens out for ya :wink::tulip:


Those are awesome!! Although I kinda need the 5 screens, I think I can do with 3!! Cause I really like the set-up of the one with three purple screens. Can you crop the screens out, but still have the glass reflection effect??

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Thanks! I’ll cut the two outside screens in half to make the five screens for and make overlays for the screens no problem :wink::tulip:

Let me know if you want anything changed :revolving_hearts::tulip:

Control Room

Empty screens:

Screen Overlay:


Can you make possibly them transparent though? Instead of black/gray. I need it to be an overlay, but don’t worry about splitting the screens this time.

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Sure thing :+1::tulip:

Does this work for you? :tulip:


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