I need a background / overlay edit fast!

Hello! I’m in need of an overlay/background edit because I’m not too familiar with Photoshop yet. I would like the laptop a little smaller and placed on the right edge of the bed. The screen needs to be turned into a PNG please : )

Also, I would like both of these backgrounds done.

I can do that.

The laptop screen in png?

Like this?

The laptop is in a png file. The reason it has a white background whenever your sending it, is because it doesn’t show the grey square boxes. I guess.

I could have been a little more specific, I want the bed part that’s in the laptops screen to be cleared away so I can use it in my story as a skype call. Like how the mirror effect in bathrooms is : )

I also use photoshop, and I will be making a tutorial on how to put pngs in the background. So you won’t have to worry about anything soon. lol


That’s good! Whats your youtube channel??

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Alana Frazer

Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdcgmxgc4QDBfsIGVJfdI1Q?view_as=subscriber

Try it, and if you want me to put the skype thing in, I will.


I want to see if it works first before I send the other background.

Yup it works! There’s just a few white specks on the screen.

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send me a pic on how it came out

ok, i think u are uploading the background with the laptop that is png to the overlay section.

U need to upload the background with the laptop to the background section.

Oh okay thanks!

Then with the skype thing, u can upload that to the overlay section.

So upload them separately?