I need a background plz!


Can some one make a really good episode looking background for me? If you can, may I see some examples.? I need it done really soon. It’s for the college days contest and I’m writing now and I realized none of the backgrounds really fit what I was looking for. Plz don’t link me to and art thread with a long line. I need this ASAP! Can someone help me out?




What kind of background


What kind of background are you looking for?


I’d be happy to help if I can Kalizzza!


I need a background for a party room! almost like a game room or hangout



Something like this?


More like the first one but I’m a more episode ish looking style


okay, I can try making one like that,. If i get it how you want it then i will send you.


do you need anything specific that you want me to add in the bg.


What about this one



This ? If you like it I can even sen you the overlays I used in this.


Hey can i use those overlays the bean bag chair and the pool table please


I was thinking something like this but in a more episode atyle rather than realistic


Have you checked mine if you don’t like it you can give me details and I can make more


sure, I will send you.


oh okay, yeah. Like this can be made. But this is not a game hang out room like you said. but no issues. Let me try and make. and I will send you.