I Need A Background

I’m trying to write a story about a girl getting her pilot’s license, so I’m requesting a background which is associated with the exterior of an Aviation (Piloting) Academy. This would be very handy if anyone can whip this um. Thank you! :smile:

I’ll try :smile:

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Thank you for replying so promptly!


Just tell me which one do you like (if you do like one) I’ll have it resized in the size that you want and if you want anything to be gone from the photos just let me know I’ll do that…


I can do something like this…
In the picture but it depends if you like the photos though…

The second picture you posted is great! Thank you once again. May I ask one question:

What do you mean by do something with it?

Just that I can remove something if you don’t want that over there
As I send sent a picture above this…
And if you compare it with the picture that I sent with many photos you will get what I meant…

I like all that you’re doing, but I feel like these places are just too realistic if you know what I mean. But thank you for trying to help, I want a place that looks more like episode style (animated but detailed).
But I’ve appreciated all you’ve done!

Okay… :slight_smile:

I appreciate your help!