I need a background!



Hey, so I need a background that has an artsy/nerdy/poetic look. I need the size & the bed to look similar to this picture if you can

Please note, that this bedroom should be look like a bedroom that’s set in your parents house. Something that my character grew up in.

If you can do this, please Pm me! I need this done ASAP! :blush:

Gleams ♡ Covers, Splashes, Background Edits ~ [CLOSED]

I can try


Thank you!


Ok. Thank you so much!!


This belongs to someone else, and their main rules are to not edit their backgrounds.

I can’t clearly remember who, but they said to not edit their backgrounds, so I would just refrain from even asking…


I didn’t ask them edit it. I’m using that picture as a reference picture in how to form the room I want.


Oh, sorry. I didn’t read the full post.