I need a backseat background!


Pretty much says it all in the title. I need a backseat background with three seats. I want it to a close up picture of the backseat if you can, so it looks like only three upper bodies can fit. Three seats, please! Black seats please, if you can do this, I will be thankful.
@Chesirekitten101, if you see this, I’m not replacing you. I need a different car. Still waiting on mine, though!

If you can make the background or find a good picture for me, just tell me and I’ll surely credit you!


Here you go!


Thanks so much!


What do I credit you as? @Mya1357


My insta xMajestic_Myax


Okay! Thank you!


Dont worry it will be done, but I am having school soon so there may be some tardiness


Oh it’s no rush at all! I’m just letting you know that I’m not replacing you.


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