I need a banner for my new story

I need a banner for free and will credit you.

Do you mean like a story card like this?


You can request one from me in this post, and I’ll be more than happy to make you one :sparkling_heart:

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  • Story Title : Maybe
  • Author : Laine
  • Description : You were each others firsts,
    But when tragedy strikes you have to move away.
    You meet 5 years later…
    Are you still meant to be?
  • Small Cover :
  • Background (optional) : I don’t mind
  • Features (CC, Art scenes, Customization, LI, Featured on shelf, Genres…etc) : CC and LI and LL
  • Instagram : lainepisode
  • Password : Hey Katherine! I’m happy with the rules! :blob_sun: .
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No worries! I’ll work on it now!

PS: I will post the final work through my forum post since I could keep track of all my final works! Don’t worry, I will tag you to it so you know where to find it!