I need a bar stool overlay!

hiii, would anyone be willing to make the counter and stools (separately) of this background by @/tamara_epi please?

bump!! someone pls help! :weary::two_hearts:

You mean u need the overlay of the counter and each of the glasses on it?

no, the stools so my character can be infront of the stool

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Ok ill do it

thank u so much!!

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Just you want all three stools to be in one overlay?

Yes please!

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thank you so much!!! :two_hearts:

@Sydney_H please close (:

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what about the counter?

oh, i found one, i forgot to edit the post, sorry!! :woman_facepalming:t3:

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595dc28233acc5e79059559d33e3d05b2e6216db well since i edited it i share it :joy::joy::joy::rofl:

(The glasses are transparent just so u know):blush::blush:


oh, thank u so much!! i’m sure it’ll help out many people! :smile:

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: