I need a Bbubble bath overlay, can anyone help me?

Does ayone have a bubble bath overlay they can send me? I need one for this scene in my story but whenever I find it it’s just a jpeg and not a png. Can someone send me it and tell me who to give credit to?

I have one here: HOW TO: Place Characters in a Bath

The overlay is not in the first, original post, you have to go a few posts down and it should be easy to spot. Sentence starts with: "Re-uploading the overlay because somehow the picture randomly became JPG when it was PNG :thinking: :woman_shrugging: Am I the only who is getting this or anyone else? This happened in PM to one of my images, too, sigh…"

Okay, thanks, I’ll try it!

It worked! Thank you so much! I’ll be sure to give you credit!

No credit needed, it’s not mine, however it tells how to give credit to the person on that thread as she made the background and overlay :blush:

Oh okay.