I need a bit of help



&CHAR stands screen right.

That’s it :ok_hand:t3:


Do you mean you want to remove it from the scene(?)
If so you use the remove command
That takes away the character from the scene and the only way you get it back is by adding it again.



Right on :ok_hand:t3:


Hey, I was writing my script but when I preview my scenes they are different in th web previewer and my phone. And secondly the cuts and zooms are not working no matter how many times I update them. I’m getting so frustrated by this! Why is it happening like that?


Woosah, babes.

Let’s figure this out together.
So first, I don’t like the web previewer, I always use the app. It’s more reliable
And second, maybe the commands could be written better or maybe it’s a glitch.

Can I see one of you codes where you see that the zoom is off


Well, for starters this scene which I have circled just never appears in my story

So the transition fade out occurs then the screen just goes whit then the fade out happens again and there I am back into the business hallway.


Looks good to me. But maybe the transition is longer than the pause.

So let’s add a timer on the transitions

@transition fade out white 1

Try it that and let me know how it goes


It’s still not working?


That’s sooo weird it should work…
It might be a glitch…


Actually I solved the problem! It was just that I never used the zoom reset to reset the zoom so the whole time it was zoomed on a part of the screen. And another thing was that it was a completely black part of the screen so it was nearly impossible to see the zoom!


Oh :joy: that happens to me too

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I tried using the @zoom on 0 0 to 100% in 0 command but it was telling me that it was invalid? I’m a bit scared that someone might tap to fast and then get all the zooms all smooshed togather.


No need to be scared, show me where you need to reset the zoom and it’s not working

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It’s not that its not not working but sometimes it works and sometimes the zoom spills into the next scene.


Huh, I got an idea of what it might be, let me see the script.

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Put pause after the transition.


It only happens sometimes the zoom thing. But it hasnt happened for a while so I think it’s fixed for now and well I need one more quick help from you. So how do you write something with layers like this:

So when Ryan walks he passes by Adriana but when he walks Adriana is in front of him and this looks quite unpleasing :sweat_smile: So how can I fix this?


@RYAN moves to layer 3

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Thank you once again! I’m bothering you so much! :sweat_smile:


It is never a bother! :blue_heart:

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