I need a Blanket Overlay Please!

Hi! I need a rectangular blanket overlay (preferably grey :grimacing:)
I’m using it for my new story
so if anyone has one I can use I will give credit in my story for using the overlay!
Thank you so much! :kissing_heart:



no credit needed this was found on google :two_hearts:

Is there a certain background and pose of the character you’re using it with? I could try to find one that would work.

@Phoenix_Hope The background is a top view of a bed with dark grey pillows and a comforter with white sheets. And I’d like the blanket to be pretty big just so it covers at least where there is blanket on the bed. The background belongs to @catthegirl.episode
If you can find something that would be amazing!

Bed background

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Thank you so much!:laughing::two_hearts:

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69 percent :eyes:

Does this work?

This is perfect! Thank you so much! :laughing:

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