I need a car background

Hi i need a car background but i want one of characters to sit behind the passenger seat PLEASE HELP!!!

Hey! Here’s a back seat background by @smg.episode (@shellyg):


And I made the front seats into an overlay:


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Thank you so much :grinning:
Do you want me to credit you?

No, it’s fine. :smile:

Hello! Is it alright if I use these? :smile:

Can someone please help me am trying to get my character in a compact car backseat he’s always standing outside peeking in its frustrating

Did you layer him and the overlay(s)?

I honestly dont know am new to writing so am a little slow but he keep standing outside looking in

When I was in a new writer, I found a lot of these quite helpful, so I’ll recommend them to you. (:

Joseph’s tutorial for spot directing:

For overlays:

Overlays Guide | Dara Amarie (dara-amarie.com)

For layering characters and overlays:

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Thank you

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You’re most welcome!
I’m sorry I haven’t guided you through it myself, but it really does work wonders to look at their guides and do it whilst watching/reading them. :blush:

Lol no problem :grin:

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How can I get an airplane overlay I’ve been searching for hours