I need a certain background!

Does anybody know where I can get a bed sheet background from I need it for my story asap I’ll give credits ofc!

You can check some people Instagram’s/drives

Do you know anybody personally as I don’t know where to start aha but thank you

@amepisode has them in her drive, you will have to credit her correctly <3

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Thank you so much<3

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Here’s one from @Jpassen drive

But if you decide to use it, you have to credit her

No need for credit. I didn’t make it. I found it online.

Ohh ok, got it

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Thank you but I was wondering if any chance you Knew someone that had a sheet background x

This type of bg?

This is from alexa_episode google drive so give credit if you decide to use it

That could do Thank you but do you know like anyone that has a white sheet type its okay if no

Hold on, I’m trying to find one for you

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Found one and this is from epii.jessica

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Thank you so much for looking for me do I have to ask to use them from the creator or no?

No problem and idk but you can if you want to, just to be on the safe side and this is her rules

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I will do but thank you so much

No problem, happy to help :relaxed:

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